A New Era

After several weeks of trouble with my former Blogging site, I’ve decided to move over here to wordpress.  And, to be frank, I think I enjoy this setup a gazillion times more than the former website.  There’s just something more professional about it, I think.  That being said, I’ve got a lot of moving and altering and quirking to do in order to move things over and make them look right.  So!  I’ll do the update I tried to do over on the other site right now, that way you all can see that I really have been working the last three weeks.

Saboteur was sent in to the publishers earlier this week.  Because I couldn’t explain my “oh, shoot!” moment when it happened, I’ll just give a rundown here.  I sent in the query, expecting the same 6 month wait that I had last time, but got an immediate (as in two hours later) response asking me for the manuscript “at my earliest convenience”.  Which, in publisher-speak means “right frigging now”.

So I stopped everything else (poor Dead Magic keeps getting put on hold) and did a massive overhaul of the manuscript in 4 days.  Yes, people, 4 days.  (Thank you, Holly Lisle, for your “How To Revise Your Novel in 7 Days” class.)  Because this was over the weekend, the publishers didn’t mind so much.  In any case, they have the manuscript and we’ll see how it goes from there.

Speaking of Dead Magic, I’m happy to report that I’m on Chapter 7 right now.  Right on schedule.  If I keep it up at a chapter a week, the rough draft should be done in December.  The other work in progress (Usurper) is crawling along at 300-400 words a day.  I’ve done this on purpose so that I can get Dead Magic done without killing myself when school starts later this month.

Deviation … well, Deviation is like that kid I put on time out in the corner and forgot.  It’s thrown the dunce hat back at me and wants to know when I’m going to be done with it so that I can flirt with publishers in earnest about getting it … you know … published.

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