Return of the Beloved Book Report

Awwww … I get to write a book report.  I think the last one I did was in High School.  Granted, this one is going to be far different from the High School version of a book report, but I’m still pleased to say I get to do one.  I’ll probably have to stop myself from discussing the quality of the prose or hunting for a character arc to discuss like I would in a review.

But!  To writing news!  I’m pleased to say that … yes, I did manage to write Chapter 9 of Dead Magic in spite of the hectic school schedule.  It was challenging, I won’t lie.  But it wasn’t hard in the “I need time to get that done” way … it was hard in the “I’m half thinking about that theology book I’m reading for class” sort of way.  These are two different ways to think and, because it makes me sound smart, I’m going to say that they take up two totally different parts of my brain.  I’ve got the “thinking cap” on one hand and the “fictional thinking cap” on the other.  They don’t play well together.

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