This was such a great picture that I just had to share it.  That would be my wonderful three-year-old at the fair.  It was his first time on a ride and he had a blast.  He also got to feed a ton of animals and my mother got sneezed on by a large, furry, snotty thing …

I have no idea what this thing was.  My brother actually braved the mucus and fed it.  He said it was like a big, gooey puppy, very gentle, but you couldn’t have paid me to be snotted on.  So when it sneezed on my Mom, she made the most priceless face of disgust.  I wish I’d had my camera ready for it.

We got home Monday evening and I had to hit the grind early Tuesday morning.  Somehow, I managed to get through Chapter 11 of Dead Magic, Chapter 8 of Usurper (don’t ask, I know I’m not supposed to be working on it, but I heard a great song and it stabbed my creative mind with the scene so I had to write it down) and my usual 40 hour work week … on top of school.  It’s a wonder I got a shower in.

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