And then the plot exploded …

Dead Magic has been an exciting ride from the first train wreck through the rising political tensions among the Witch Council, but Chapter 12 … Holy Cow, Chapter 12.  Things happened that even I didn’t see coming.  I had subconsciously been leading toward it, but I promise you, it was unintentional.  . . . And totally awesome.

I went to the Library today and was shocked to find my beloved research section teeming with activity.  Alas, the school year has returned, and with it … the students.  I really should have seen them coming.  I mean, I live right next to a college.  The sudden lack of parking spaces in my apartment lot was a clear sign.  The terribly confusing fashion sense of new neighbors was another.  (Can someone please explain the tight pants on men thing?  It doesn’t even look like they can squeeze their feet through the ankles of those pants, I swear!)


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