The 4-1-1 of Saboteur

All right! So, Saboteur is set to be released December 1st. For those of you unaware, this is the sequel to Sedition. If you’ve been missing the kick-butt, gritty attitude of one Trenna Silvanus, then you’re in luck. Saboteur snags you into the tremulous peace talks between the Duke of Kiavana (that would be Nelek, for those of you wondering) and Lord Willmont Cadabyr, the closest of the Human Borderlords.

Things inevitably go awry. The Humans hate Trenna. Trenna has a history of being not nice to Humans. There’s a trial for war crimes, a baby, prejudice, several murders and, of course, a Saboteur working against the peace talks.

It was tons of fun to write and, I hope, will be just as much fun to read. Since it is coming out in time for Christmas, I will try to have a bundle/gift set of Sedition and Saboteur available as a giveaway ASAP.

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