My brain obviously melted because I let a week and a half go by without giving any updates! Let me fill you in now — Saboteur is still scheduled for release in December. The Man Who Loved Medusa is still out there, awaiting approval from the big editor for the anthology. Dead Magic is on chapter 16, though I have made the decision to extend my due date by six months. This is due largely to the fact that Saboteur is coming out so quickly and I need to devote the next month and a half to editing it and preparing it for all of you Trenna fans. However, this new due date includes at least one round of editing instead of just the rough draft. I figured that sounded fair since I was bumping for so long.

School is … hard.

Yup, school is hard. Harder than I remember it being, actually. But ever-so rewarding. (The six month addition is also a reflection of the fact that I will still be in school next semester and likely through the summer and … well … yeah … I’ll be in school until I’m done.)

Nellis! Oh, heavens, the Nellis Project! Did you think I’d forgotten? Well, you’d be wrong. I’m still hard at work there. I even had a eureka moment about the plot last night. In fact, I’m tempted to throw caution to the wind and charge into National Novel Writing Month with it.

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