National Novel Writing Month

I am still torn on the idea of trying to do National Novel Writing Month this year.  If I attempted it, I know that I would fail.  I’m still in school, for heavens sakes, and would have to crunch writing into the wee hours of the night.  This would not make me an altogether pleasant sort of person at work.  I’m not sure my son would appreciate it, either.  Still … it is so tempting.

Currently I am waiting to purchase some business cards with Saboteur’s cover art on them.  I would like to start passing them around in the middle of next month.  This would be my first real step toward marketing my books.  Exciting stuff, man.  I’m sure my publishers will be pleased to hear this.

That being said, I am hunting for a contest.  Any sort of contest.  I would like to host one with a grand prize of free copies of Sedition and Saboteur … I just have no idea how to pose it.  I’ll keep brainstorming and post details as soon as I have them.

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