Because I have moved from the world building to the actual writing on Nellis V, I have removed its project page from the site. I’m thinking of making a snippet and/or teaser page because my poor little blog looks so small now. Plus, you know, I still love all those pretty pictures of space. So how is Nellis and National Novel Writing Month going? …. Well, good and bad. Good, because I do love the world and the story, but bad because there is absolutely no way I am going to make it to 50k by November 30th.

But that’s all right. I sort of knew that would happen.

I finished a great book this week. The book was Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and I loved it. There were some moments that I found predictable, but the characters carried the story so well that I could forgive the fact that I knew what was coming. Plus, I mean … seriously … you just can’t go wrong when you mix vampires and steampunk. That’s just a recipe for awesome right there.

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