Saboteur is Released!

Hurray!  It’s here!  Saboteur was released this morning from Wings ePress.  I’m going to throw the purchase link in HERE so that you can easily access the book.  There are several different ways you can get it.  It’ll be on Amazon soon, I promise.  You’ll see me make an announcement here again when that happens. 

Remember, this is the sequel to Sedition, so if you loved Trenna the first time then you’re bound to love her again.  She’s just as sassy and kick-butt, and has that wonderfully gritty sense of humor to push the story forward.  And if you haven’t read Sedition, then you can still love Saboteur because … well … Trenna is just that awesome.  Plus, if you read Saboteur and then love her, you can learn how her story began in Sedition whenever you want. 

Woo!  I’m so happy to see it out for sale.

Now excuse me while I go work on Usurper.

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