Day 6 : Saboteur Release Party Week

Wahoo!  Keeping the energy up here on day 6 of the release jam.

Now then, I honestly hadn’t planned on making Sedition into a series.  Truthfully, I just wanted to get the story down.  I learned quite a bit about the craft while I was at it.  I learned that I absolutely have to write things down on pen and paper first.  I still don’t know why, and I imagine when I get old enough for my joints to start aching that I might have to find a new means of doing this, but until then, hand writing is the only thing that really works.

I also learned about some great online resources.  The main one I want to highlight today as part of the jam :: Forward Motion for Writers.

This website is a safe writers forum with a lot of really excellent talent running it.  The main one I can tell you about is Lazette Gifford.  She had run the site for many years now, though she will be taking a bit of a break come January 1st — I think.  She might already have gone for the break given the nearness of the Holiday and what have you.  But let me tell you, it would be hard to find a sweeter, more intelligent person than Gifford.  I had the privilege of undergoing her 2 Year Novel course back in 2009 and it was wonderful.

In fact, you can find those courses for sale HERE FOR ONLY .99 CENTS.  Which is such a steal that even I bought it again, though I do intend to give it to a friend as a Christmas present.

Seriously, if you’re a writer, you should check them out.  You’re bound to find something new in there that you hadn’t thought of before.

And … that’s going to be my sales pitch for tonight.

I have a special snippet / short story planned to give you all tomorrow as the finale of the release party week, so I won’t give you one tonight.  See you tomorrow and happy reading!

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