Saboteur Finale!

I know, I know.  I just posted last night and it’s only the middle of the afternoon today.  I know I should wait and post this tonight, but honestly … people … it’s Christmas this weekend.  I’m going to be swamped starting around 3PM today with Christmas lights, presents, turkey, laughter, family, and all that jazz.  So!  I’m posting this a little early, and I hope you’ll forgive me for that.

You’ll notice on the top bar of this site that I have a new page up there titled; A Family Matter.

That, my lovely, lovely friends, is a short story just for you.  If you’ve read Sedition and Saboteur, then you’ll understand it straight off.  If you haven’t read them … well … it’s still understandable and I hope you read it just the same.  It’s free content!  It’s sort of like … a Christmas present.

The last segment of the Saboteur Release Party is about family.  More specifically, Trenna’s family.  Trenna has two names in the books; Trenna and Tray’Lana.  This is because … well … it’s complicated and you’ll have to read Sedition to find out the specifics.  In Sedition, we don’t really delve into Trenna’s family, but in Saboteur … woah, baby … they all come crashing forward.  Trenna has three brothers — we count Brockley because their relationship is so close that, yeah, he’s her brother and that’s that — but beyond Brockley we have Navell Silvanus, her younger brother, and Varren Silvanus, her older brother.

We don’t get to meet Varren in Saboteur, but he plays a significant role in Usurper.  And the short story I have provided is a wonderful introduction to this incredibly complicated man.  So!  Without further adieu, I introduce you to Varren Revulian Forthright Silvanus —

(That’s your cue to go to the next page over and read the short story.)

Have a Merry Christmas!

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