Accountability and 2012

I’ll be traveling for the new year, so I thought I’d go ahead and post this now.  I did this last year and it really helped to keep me focused, so I’ve opted to do it again.  It’s important to make every day count, but sometimes a clear goal is necessary to help us achieve that.  Or, as in this case, several goals for different aspects of life.  So!  Here is what I hope to achieve in 2012::

1) Submit Deviation to TOR.

2) Record Deviation in preparation for presenting it as a free podiobook in the likely event that TOR should turn it down.  ((Let’s be real here.))

3) Complete Dead Magic and send it in to DDP as per the contractual agreement. ((Honestly, that just feels good to say.  “Oh, that one is under contract.”))

4) Take a huge bite out of Usurper.  ((I’ll likely be doing this during the last half of the year, starting somewhere in July.))

5) Kick my schoolwork in the batoosh every semester.  ((I’ll be continually in school, even during the summer.))

6) Climb 3 Mountains … Yes, this time I mean 3 Literal Mountains.  I live near a slew of them, this really shouldn’t be that hard.

Anything beyond this … well … that’s just going to be gravy.  I know I didn’t make any marketing / sales plans.  And I’m only trying to submit one work to one place, which in the writerly world is really rather silly, but as I’ve done my homework in this matter I have to admit … I really want TOR.  Really, really want TOR.  Consider them my grail.

So anyway, that’s it.  My six big goals of the year.  Bring it on, 2012.

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