Work Spaces

All right!  There’s been a big discussion about work spaces going on.  Honestly, I’ve only caught the tail end of it, but my coworker said he’d been absolutely fascinated to see how different people kept there desks and their so-called “havens” while working.  He showed me a few pictures and … yeah … I was pretty terrified by some of them.  I told him mine was really kind of boring, but I promised I’d do this anyway.  So!  Below is a picture of where I sit down to write.  It’s nighttime, so the window is closed, but it’s a big window and I normally have it open during the day.  And yes, that is one of those big space heaters made to look like a fireplace.  I totally love it and normally have that going at night to replace the view outside the window.

The only thing that’s missing from the picture is the pillows I put on the chair.  I really do need to buy a computer chair, the one in the picture makes my batoosh numb after an hour.


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