Fighting for the goal

All right!  So I told myself I’d submit Deviation to TOR this year.  That was my big, super-scary goal for 2012.  And because I made that decision, I’ve started — yet again — to edit the novel.  Dead Magic is still on target for its deadline, so have no worries there.  (I even have an Outline for the last half of the book, so the writing should go substantially faster in the coming weeks.)  

I’ve researched what TOR demands of a solid submission and am working to make the package as professional and perfect as I can get it.  I have given myself the deadline of March 1st to have the package in order and put in the mail.  That gives me a month and a half to edit the synopsis, format the portion of the manuscript meant to be sent in, and come up with a killer proposal/hook to entice the editors into asking for the full thing.  

Oh, and school starts next week.  Pfffft!  

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