The Between

Before school starts next week and I get bogged down with more work than any one person should ever take on — e.g. school, full time work, mother of a four year old child, editing, and writing — I wanted to take a moment to cheer on a friend of mine.  Her first novel came out on Friday (yes, she picked Friday the 13th on purpose, but if you read the book you’ll totally understand) and I am super-pleased for her.  In fact, I’m throwing confetti for her …

OK, so I’m not really throwing confetti.  I have a four year old and that’s plenty of mess to clean up after.  But I am stoked that she’s taken this step and is published.  I’m even more stoked that she’s published this particular work.  I had the privilege of reading an earlier draft of it and absolutely fell in love with the story.  I’m going to be a brat and wait to write a full review on GoodReads until I’ve read this shiny-new-Kindle version, but I’m sure I’ll love it as much as I loved it the first time around.

But while I’m at it … I’m going to flaunt the book at all of you dear, dear friends.  You should read The Between by LJ Cohen.  You can find several different formats of the book HERE!  

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