Why I love my Kindle …

Alright, so I got myself a Kindle way back in July or something of 2011 knowing that I was buying my big Christmas present several months early.  I had wanted an eReader of some sort for a while before then and was torn between the Nook and the Kindle.  After handling several different versions and trying them out, I decided on the Kindle mainly on the weight issue.  If you’ve never held a Kindle I’ll go ahead and tell you that the version I purchased is really, really light.  It’s not a bother in my hands and the color scheme makes it look like I’m reading off a normal book.

But the real kicker … the thing that made me fall in love with Kindle … was that I could get my school books on it.  Most of them, anyway.  I do have a couple that are only available in paperback form, but for the most part I have this cheaper, easier version of the text books available to me.

As if that weren’t enough … I also was able to get my own books – Sedition, Witch-Born, and Saboteur on my Kindle.  I finished another read-through of Sedition just before school started.  I intend to read through Witch-Born on my next break from school, and then Saboteur at the end of the semester.

And here’s another kicker!  I was able to put some of my Works In Progress on the thing as well, allowing me access to reading every manuscript wherever I am!

I could also listen to some of the books from my Audible account on it, but really … I prefer putting those on my pocket-sized iPod.

…. So yes, I love my Kindle.  I adore my Kindle.

2 thoughts on “Why I love my Kindle …

    1. Go First-Gen! Mine is not a First Gen, but it’s certainly not the newest, brightest version to come out. I was almost insulted when my mother said she would only get an eReader with color. I was like — Really? You buy many picture books these days?

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