All the right stuff, baby.

The first week of school literally kicked me in the teeth.  In fact, back on Sunday I had to sit down and put a stranglehold on my schedule so that I could get through the second week of classes.  And here we are, heading into the final two days of the week (Saturday counts now since I have to use it for homework, too) and I am not only right on target …. but I have most of the revamped synopsis done for Deviation.

By Monday next, I should have the trial package sent out to my writerly friends, who will let me know where I’ve made serious errors so that I can fix it and have it ready to send out by March 1st.

Today, I am awesome.

Also!  In my crazy desire to make 2012 a year to remember, I have decided to read a poem a day for the whole year.  I am right on track for that.  As soon as I’m done with Edgar Poe, I’m moving on to Swinburne per the urging of an Australian friend.

“I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore” — Thank you, Mr. Poe.  Thank you very much.

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