I think that I have now edited Deviation more times than any other book I’ve done.  I hand write everything first, so the rough draft was on pen and paper.  The second draft came while I was transcribing the book onto the computer.  The third came a month later.  The fourth I did after my Alpha readers took a gander at it.  And the fifth was done after my Beta reader was done with it.  I am now on a sixth draft, which will be sent in to the editor.  When she sends it back and I take it through that next revision that will be seven complete drafts.


And, oddly enough, I am not sick of the plot.  Normally after draft five I want nothing more to do with the book in question.  That seems strange somehow.

Anyway!  It will be going out to the editor sometime this next week.  I’m afraid that flu bug reared its ugly head again and I was down for the count on Friday and Saturday, so I might send it to her on Friday instead of Wednesday.  The 15th was a tentative schedule based on my needs, after all.  I’m hoping she doesn’t mind.  If she does, I’ll just crack out on coffee and burn the midnight oil.  (Which will likely throw me back into being sick again, but … eh … it’s life.)

I’m very excited for this next step.

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