Eating Bugs

I am having a blast being a mother.  I admit that I didn’t think I would.  For a long time, kids scared the crap out of me.  However, now that I have this little rough-and-tumble four-year old boy, I find that I am allowed a certain amount of freedom that I never had before.  I’m allowed to roll in the grass without people looking at me like I’m insane.  I’m allowed to shout; “Oh, no!  Quick!  Hot lava is coming!  Run to the bench!”  and no one will report me to the police for disrupting the peace.

Inasmuch as I love playing with my son, sometimes there are moments that are just plain embarrassing no matter what.  Point in case, yesterday as I was giving Hazen a piggy-back-ride from the park, I inadvertently ate a bug.  The darned thing flew right in my mouth as I was saying; “Yes, Buzz Lightyear!”  I tried to cough it out, but I think the thing had targeted my tonsils.

As disgusting as it was, I managed to laugh it off, counting it as another adventure in motherhood.

Then we went into a restaurant to have ice-cream.  The very good-looking waiter that has frequently tended to us when we make a stop in there was happy to explain what choices they had for desserts.  And, bless my son’s little heart, Hazen had to inform the waiter that; “Mommy ate a bug!”

I was mortified.  And amused, but mostly mortified.  Especially when the waiter asked; “Well, did it taste any good?”


3 thoughts on “Eating Bugs

  1. It’s cool that being a mom is allowing you to enjoy this different side. I have definitely done some odd things in the hopes of entertaining my child. It’s good – helps me to loosen up.

    1. Kids are such great excuses for us to act like … well … kids again. I have no inhibitions about being named any cartoon character he chooses, and he’s at the age right now where he lets me know I’m his best friend. I know this won’t last, so I am enjoying every second of it that I can get.

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