Travel & Travel Blogs

One of the things that really helps inspire me are photographs.  It especially helps if these are photographs that I have taken myself, but occasionally I find inspiration in what I see on the Travel Channel or on another person’s blog.


And let me tell you how much fun I have searching through space photographs!   Just take a look at this image done by gucken over at Deviantart.

For the Travel Channel, I normally like Anthony Bourdain No Reservations.  He’s just too snarky for his own good sometimes.

For bloggers who have caught my attention, I’m afraid there are only two.  First there is Katy at her storytellingnomad site.  She has some neat pictures up there of Venice and Europe in general.  I love the pictures, and she adds a bit of the writerly life to her posts by discussing what happened in whichever city she happened to be in.

The second is Luke Burrage.  You might have already heard of him, and then again you might not.  He runs a Science Fiction Review Podcast that you can get for free on iTunes.  Also, he’s a juggler who works on cruise ships … so he inevitably gets to see wonderful, exotic places.  He is also a photographer and he has some beautiful pictures up on his blog.  (Be patient on his blog link, it’s heavy with content so it takes slightly longer to load.)

While I would love to visit all the places in the world and experience everything there is to taste, touch, smell and what have you, I’m afraid life is just too short.  However, through these few people I am given a slightly broader scope of experience to work with — albeit vicariously — and I am supremely grateful for the work that they do.

So!  Kudos to all of you!  And if you, dear reader, know of any travel blogs, pictures blogs, or other forms of art that you think would help stretch my imagination further, then please let me know.

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