The End of Camp NaNoWriMo

Alright … so … it’s after 9PM on the final night of Camp NaNoWriMo and I am quite exhausted.  My end word count is 32,764.  I was hoping to get to at least 40k before the end, but the stars just did not align.

But that’s fine!  Because I knew when I started this that I couldn’t win with all my obligations at school and everything.  (There was a solid week and a half where I couldn’t write due to finals and what have you.)  And to be honest, it was just plain fun to work on something new and different.

So!  As promised I will be setting Tapped aside to be finished after I have completed Dead Magic and Usurper.  For those of you who follow my books, Dead Magic is the sequel to Witch-Born and Usurper is the third book in the Sedition series.  My Alpha Readers will be extremely pleased to hear that Dead Magic should be finished by November.  And I suppose if I put that in writing I should be prepared to suffer the consequences should I fail to meet the deadline this time.

(In my defense, deadlines have been given quite a bit of leeway due to school.  And honestly, I broke a character in Dead Magic and she was driving me nuts, so I needed time away from the work to figure her out.)

I’ve taken down the Camp NaNoWriMo page given the fact that … well … it’s done.  But come November — if Dead Magic is finished and I’m feeling particularly feisty — I might put a new one up to follow the regular National Novel Writing Month for the year.

To those of you who participated in Camp NaNoWriMo … congratulations!  Even if you didn’t reach the goal, you still got words down on paper, and a story plotted out in your mind, and you deserve a cookie just for that.  Writing a book is hard.  It takes guts to even try.  So, well done!

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