National Novel Writing Month

It’s here!  National Novel Writing Month is here!

Since I’m not actually participating this year I thought I would just send out a quick note of encouragement.  To all of you crazy people out there, frantically writing non-stop for the next 30 (well, 27) days, good luck!  Don’t look back.  Don’t edit.  Just go!  You can edit in December.

Call your characters Brian Gatorade because a Gatorade bottle happened to be sitting on your desk while you were introducing him to the work in progress.  Throw a flying kangaroo in there somewhere.  Take a bath tomorrow, just keep your butt in your chair today.  (I hope you bought Febreeze so your family can spray it whenever they walk past you.)

If you have kids they should be stocked up on candy from trick-or-treating so don’t worry too much about what they’ll eat.  (That’s actually a complete lie.  Please feed your kids.)

But mostly, have fun.  If you’re not having fun then you’re not doing it right.

I’d be having fun with you were it not for the 3.5 chapters I have left to go on Dead Magic.  The end is so close on that one that I can just taste it and I really, really need to finish.

So good luck!  Have fun!  It’s writing mayhem!

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