December Mayhem! (And Rise of the Guardians Review)

Well, NaNoWriMo is officially over.  My hats off to everyone who managed to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  That’s just crazy cool and you all deserve a cookie!

In case you were wondering, I did manage to finish writing Dead Magic.  I got it done Monday last week, so I was way ahead of schedule and had the Epilogue written and everything.  Now I just need to type up the last 5 chapters and throw it out to my Alpha readers (( I love you, Alpha’s! )).

Because of school I have to schedule out my time differently.  So!  On Saturday (December 1st) my son and I had a play day.  We decorated the house, put the Christmas tree up, strung lights and made giant gingerbread men.  It was a blast!  We also went to see Rise of the Guardians at the movies.

Honestly, I loved the movie.  It was touching.  And funny.  My son walked away claiming that he wanted to be Jack Frost — which, given the backstory they gave the poor fellow, I was torn about — and cheering that the Boogeyman had been subdued.  (Sorry if that’s a spoiler but I mean … it’s a kids show and that’s the bad guy, do the math.)

Welcome to December!  I hope everyone is excited for the holidays — however you like to celebrate them.

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