Twas Four Days Before Christmas …

Merry Christmas!  Well, four days early anyway, but I have no intention of being online on Christmas so I thought I’d better say it now.

A friend of mine started me on this whole yearly goals thingy a while ago and I’ve found that it works wonderfully.  So!  Let’s see how I did last year …

1) Submit Deviation to TOR.  — I did this.  It was scary, but I did it anyway.  They sent me a very polite rejection letter, but at least I had the guts to send it out, you know?

2)  Record Deviation in preparation for releasing it as a free podiobook. — Uh … yeah.  I didn’t do this.  I didn’t even come close to trying to do this.  

3)  Complete Dead Magic. — Totally did this.  Dead Magic was finished just a couple weeks ago.  It is DONE!  My Alpha readers have it and the publisher wants it by March 1st. 

4)  Take a huge bite out of Usurper. — I actually did this too.  It’s in the last half of the book now.

5)  Kick my schoolwork in the batoosh every semester. — Ahem … I managed to do this too, thank you very much.  Because if there’s one thing I am Miss Awesomepants with, it’s school stuff.  

6) Climb 3 Mountains — … Well … you see … my whole State sorta caught fire over the summer.  I literally couldn’t climb any mountains because I might have been turned to cinders if I’d tried.  I did manage to go up in the Spring, so I climbed a whole one mountain.  But in the words of Gandalf the Grey; “A single solitary peak” was still a peak.  (Alas, no Thorin Oakenshield was there to greet me, but, hey, you can’t have it all.)

And that’s it.  That’s my end of the year review.  Writing-wise and School-wise, I did pretty darn good.  And since the world didn’t end today like everyone had planned, I’m looking forward to another productive year in 2013.


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