Book Review – Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

All right, so I’m a Crusie fan.

Actually, so is my Dad, which I find very funny because I remember when I was a teenager he refused to read fiction and tried to impress upon me the need to only read nonfiction.  (Pffft!  Ha!  Like that worked at all!)

As far as Romance novels go, Crusie is my favorite.  I know Diana Gabaldon is sort of listed in the romance genre, but I really view her works as “historical fiction with time travel” rather than romance.  Just look at the size of one of her books and you’ll understand.  No romance novel was ever that big.

So Jennifer Crusie holds the number 1 position for me in the romance genre.  She’s funny.  She’s realistic.  And she gives me hope since half her characters are almost exactly like me by way of quirks and general off-beat-ness.

Maybe This Time was very enjoyable for me.  I got through it in a day — I always go through her books in a day — and laughed through a lot of it.  Her characters really came alive for me, even the dead ones — you’ll have to read the book to understand — and there were at least three places where I was seriously not sure how the plot was going to end.  As far as stories go, it is the highest pleasure for me to be surprised in the end.

So, if you like romance novels, I highly recommend her books.  Not just this one, but all of them.

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