Supernatural — The TV Show

All right, so it seems I’m really late in coming to the scene with Supernatural.  It’s been running since 2005 and, if you’re not familiar, follows two brothers as they fight … well … supernatural forces.  Now, if you’re a critic or a fan of the show then I’m asking you not spoil anything for me.  I think I’m still in the first season and I’m enjoying it.

As with everything I enjoy, I zeroed in on what could help me as an author.  And in this case, it’s the relationships on the screen.  Both Sam and Dean are very strong characters and engaging on their own, but when you put them together … Yeah, that’s when the really fun stuff happens.

Yeah, they run around fighting ghosts and demons, and that’s interesting — if not creepy every once in a while — but watching them interact as brothers is what really keeps me glued to the screen.  I like them.  Not just Sam and not just Dean, but Sam and Dean together.

Now, as an author this might pose a problem.  Because every book tends to require at least one “MAIN” character that we follow and root for.  One of the first questions that I have whenever I start reading a book is; “Whose story is this?”

And then; “Why do I care?”

But really, let’s just focus on that first question.  Or rather, I’m going to propose that we throw that rule out the window.  Because sometimes the more compelling story isn’t given by the “main” character, but a couple of characters and their relationship with each other.

Supernatural could very well have gone and followed the father figure in the story, who runs off on his own hunting a particularly nasty demon.  Then we’d be focused on the one character and the fights he has.  But because they chose to focus on the brothers the show has an emotional depth that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

We see Sam and Dean as vulnerable people with real issues.  Issues that are expounded by the fact that they are hunting the supernatural, but in the end they always get back in the car together.  Their relationship as brothers pushes them forward.

So, as an author I’m happy to have finally started watching this show.   Seriously, no spoilers.

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