Red Dawn — Review (Yes, I mean the new one)

This was another one of those movies that I really wanted to see but had to wait because it didn’t seem appropriate for my five year old.  (I do try to be a good parent.)  So when I spotted it in the store this week I nabbed it, fully expecting to enjoy it because … Well … Chris Hemsworth was in it.

And we all know I’m a Hemsworth fan.

So anyway, I bought the movie and watched it.  And, of course, I enjoyed it.  I was a Swayze-Red Dawn fan, too, so I understood the premise.  When the movie first came out I heard a few grumbles about the fact that it didn’t make sense to go remaking a film that wasn’t all that old.

Honestly, that doesn’t bother me.  They keep remaking Cinderella and Snow White and Robin Hood (good heavens, how many Robin Hood’s are out there now?) into different versions, so why get all up in arms about this one?

It did have a major shocker in the end for me, which I promise not to spoil.  Just … you know … it’s a war movie.  Beloved characters die.  I should have walked into it with the same amount of reserve I have for a Scott Sigler novel.  Whenever I read one of his books I have to repeat the mantra; “Don’t get attached to the walking body count on the page.”

A pleasant surprise for me was the appearance of Jeffery Dean Morgan.  Given that I recently became a Supernatural fan, I couldn’t help perking up when I spotted him on the screen.  And he delivered one of the funniest lines in the movie, too, which was a plus.

Now then … for the actual plot … it wasn’t super different from the first version; a group of kids manage to escape an invasion and then turn around to wreak mayhem on the invading forces.  This was mostly an action movie, with lots of fun explosions and fast paced scenes.  I enjoyed it, even if I did want to smack one of the characters around for being an idiot.  (Watch it, you’ll see which one.)

So!  For a rating scale … I’d give it five stars.  Don’t go into it expecting profound revelations, just sit back and try not to get attached to any one character specifically.  They are at war, after all.

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