Dreaming Word Choices

Well, I was have a great time editing Tapped before school got in the way.  I’ve got an Environmental Science final next week and a MASSIVE reading list for two other classes as well.  I’m going to call this a mixed blessing because I was starting to see words in my sleep.

Yes, dreaming word choices is sometimes a problem for me.  As crazy as it sounds, I always know when I’ve been staring at the same manuscript for too long when I start arguing with my internal editor during the REM cycle.  It normally goes something like this —

Me: “He reached for the small …”

Enter Editor’s voice: “You mean half-inch.”

Me: “Fine … He reached for the half-inch computer drive …”

Editor: “Are you sure you want to say ‘computer drive’?  I thought it was a hacking device.  You should keep it standard and just call it a hacking device.”

Me: All right, all right.  “He reached for the half-inch hacking device …”

Editor: Well, that sounds funny.  Too many “H’s” right next to each other.

Me: (with a growl of frustration) “He reached for the half-inch device …”

Editor: Now that’s too ambiguous  you need to tell us what kind of device it is.

Me: I hate you.

Editor: Oh, and isn’t the character sore and beat up at this point?  So wouldn’t he really be straining, or stretching, or fighting past his injuries to try and get the hacking device?


Yeah, that’s about how those dreams go.  As funny as that sounds, it’s really not very restful.  I normally wake up feeling like I’ve been working all night … and in some respects I have.  In any case, that’s why I’m thinking this whole school issue is a good thing, because I might be overwhelmed by homework, but at least I’m getting sleep.

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