Man of Steel Review

I’ve actually seen it twice now.  I had to make certain it was something I could take my son to without him having nightmares or something.  And, since I was confident my Avenger’s loving, Iron Man mimicking, Spiderman web-slinger was going to be all right I went ahead and took him to see it as well.

He brought a Superman figure with him.  He was in heaven.

Aside from a couple of nitpick things I honestly enjoyed this movie.  I had to look up the name of the actor they got to play Superman since I wasn’t familiar with him, but he did an excellent job at humanizing Clark Kent/Superman.

(His name is Henry Cavill, by the way, and after some looking I was surprised to see he was in Count of Monte Cristo.  Which makes me eat crow a bit because I think it was three posts ago I mentioned that Henry was the oldest sounding name I could think of when I was twelve.  This dude is so not elderly.)

I was also supremely pleased with Lois Lane’s character.  Amy Adams gave her grit and spunk, which as an author who writes many kick-butt female protagonists I was absolutely on board with.  I genuinely liked the twist they put on the Clark/Lois relationship … which I’m not going to reveal because I hate spoilers.

Now … inasmuch as I loved Cavill and Adams … General Zod stole this movie.  Michael Shannon made me love Zod in a way I never thought possible.  I’m a “good guy always wins” kind of girl myself, but there for a minute I was looking to have Zod kick Superman’s butt.

The plot development between Zod and Jor-El (thank you Russel Crowe) managed to draw me into the movie from the start.  (Again, I won’t spoil it.)

What I didn’t like centers on a female military Captain who dropped professionalism at one point and made an unnecessary comment on the good looks of our alien protector.  I can forgive some of the inconsistencies within the plot as a whole because, like I said, that’s being nitpicky, but that one comment made me flinch.

Suspension of disbelief, right?


I loved it.  My kid loved it.  All’s well that ends well.

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