New Computer Fun

Well, it’s actually been a couple weeks since I got this computer but I wanted to wait a while to discuss it since it has Windows 8 and a ton of bells and whistles that I’ve been playing with. And I should probably note that I don’t buy computers for fun, my old Acer was having fan issues so I needed a new laptop.

I shall miss the Acer. I shall miss all the Star Trek I played on its 13″ screen.

I shall now enjoy Star Trek on a 17″ screen. (A screen that makes it look like I’m really right there with the Borg trying to assimilate me. My geek-self might have squeed.)

I like Windows 8. I like all the pretty tabs — I think they’re called jewels — on the start screen. (I didn’t like that I had to get an Audible technician on the phone to figure out how to get my downloads delivered straight to my iTunes again, but I think that has more to do with me being clueless than the system itself.)

And I love the calendar.

In fact, I love that calendar so much I went through and mapped out almost all of 2014 for my writing goals. (Hey, I’ve just about finished all of my 2013 goals so I’m allowed to look ahead.)

I’ll be graduating in May so the last 7 months of 2014 are going to free up a crap ton of time for me. Which means more time for writing, editing and even the dreaded marketing that everyone whimpers about. (I’ll probably whimper about it too when I finally sink my teeth into it.)

By the end of this month I’ll have finished the first draft of Usurper. And yes, I was nerdy enough to map out December on the calendar too.

I can’t help it! It’s pretty and easy to use and I really don’t know what all the fuss was about when Windows 8 first showed up. I heard several people complain about it when they first got it but now that I’ve used this computer for a while I’m going to have to assume that those who complained are mostly people who “know what they like” instead of “liking what they know.”

In short, I have a shiny new toy. It’s pretty and I love using it. Hopefully it spur me into writing faster and with more quality. (But more than likely it will just tempt me into hours and hours of Star Trek.)

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