Series Review – Fringe

I stumbled upon Fringe in Netflix and started watching it back in November because … Well … Because I was writing a science fiction that dealt with some strange occurrences. The show followed along similar lines as my writing so I was able to stay on track.

(By similar I mean it was modern science fiction at play. Other than that the show has absolutely no resemblance to my story at all.)

I fell in love with this show. The overarching story was beautiful. The relationships on the screen were deep and powerful.

Since the series finale is already out I’ll go ahead and do a small spoiler and say that I enjoyed the love story. It was complicated, it had hiccups, and yet it wasn’t so paramount that it got cheesy.

(Though I have to say that the episode when alternate Olivia gave birth had a moment of pure, heart-wrenching beauty in it. Thank you Seth Gable and Anna Torv for that.)

But there was one character in particular who truly stole the show for me; Walter Bishop. John Noble’s portrayal of this broken man was both delightful and heartbreaking. He was both vulnerable and brilliant, and I spent half the time wishing I could be Astrid in the lab with him.

There were a couple of things that made me twitch — the lack of Charlie at one point, and the smudging of the subplot for Massive Dynamic’s darker side at another — but on a whole I enjoyed this series. The series finale had a bittersweet taste, something I had come to expect from this story.

So if you like science fiction then I happily suggest this show to you. It can get a little gory at places so I wouldn’t suggest trying to eat while you’re watching, but it’s well worth your time. Just save the popcorn for a safer show.

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