National Novel Writing Month – 2014

That’s right. I’m one of those crazy people, the one’s who take November and turn it into a month-long marathon with words.

I went grocery shopping and stocked up on caffeine, chocolate, and popcorn. I made sure my son had a new Wii game to entertain himself while my brain is occupied in all things Dead Weight. (Yes, that’s the title of the new manuscript.)

I revisited the series Bible — because this is the second book in a much larger series — and plucked out the items I want to explore in this book.

… and since the first book hasn’t come out yet I’m not allowed to share any of them with you. Cause … you know … spoilers.

I can talk about theme’s, though!

Complicated, fun, themes!

So … Tapped, the first book, is centered on the theme of family. Real easy to spot. You’ll see it when the book hits virtual shelves in January. (January 13, 2015. No, I haven’t forgotten. Yes, I am still playing with formatting and such.)

Dead Weight’s theme is “letting go.”

I know, it’s not one word. We’re supposed to try and filter everything down to a one-word theme and all that but … No. Screw the rules. That’s my theme.

I don’t have a word count yet because it’s all handwritten but I’ll make sure to post such a thing on Friday. Until then … I’ve got writing to do.

Go, NaNo-People! Let’s get this done!

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