Round Robin Blog Tour – Favorite Foods

Yes, I realize this is abominably late. There’s nothing I can do about that now except what I’m doing, which is posting the article despite its tardiness. My heartfelt apologies.


Favorite foods?

I love mashed potatoes.

Well, I love potatoes in about every form I can get them. I’ve even chopped a potato into little bitty bits and cooked it in my taco meat before (seriously, this tastes way better than it sounds.)

I learned how to make home-made potato soup from scratch … none of that frozen hash-brown stuff for me!

I’ll be going to my mother’s for Thanksgiving and she knows my potato fetish (which has happily been passed to my son) so she will be making a LARGE pot of potatoes to accommodate.

That said, Christmas is generally spent at home and a friend passed along this wonderful wine cake recipe that I absolutely adore. I’ve decided to make it a tradition because I love it so much. My son is young enough that I’m allowed to adopt traditions still.

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2 thoughts on “Round Robin Blog Tour – Favorite Foods

  1. Are you, by any chance, Irish by ancestry? My daughter LOVES potatoes in any form also, and she has Scots-Irish from my Dad’s side of the family, and they do love their “tautees” there. She also has lots of Polish blood also, and Polacks eat a lot of potatoes also. Like you and your son, her favorite is mashed…the ultimate comfort food–no chewing even required! Have you ever made “tautee scones” with left-over mashed taters? Mix with some flour and pat into a pancake shape, then fry in oil or butter. Flip once, so they don’t fall apart. My dad loved them with an egg on top, for breakfast.

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