Book Cover Reveal – Tapped

So the artist that I normally bat my eyelashes at for cover art is currently closed to commissions. Which is fine, he’s super talented and has a lot of his own stuff to do. (That’s Chris Howard, author and artist for the Saltwater Witch stuff, which if you haven’t read you really should read because the art is gorgeous and the story is compelling and … yeah … you can find him here.)

Of course, this left me hunting frantically for a cover for Tapped since I put the release date at January 13, 2015. Hard to release a book without a cover. I mean, I could do it, but nobody would buy it and … well, I would hate myself forever.

(FYI – a smart, sassy agent lady let me know that speculative fiction is best sold around the August/September mark but I’ve already made this deadline public so I’m sticking to it. I figure by the time August rolls around I can put the book on a cheap sale or something.)

Now then …

I searched and searched and searched for a cover for this book. Given my tight budget (single parent, working full-time, avocado-induced emergency room bills) I knew I had to go for a pre-made cover if I could. And let me tell you, there are LOTS of sites out there.

Furthermore, there are some sites out there that recycle covers or something like that, so it’s important to research the artist too. So if you’re self-publishing or thinking about self-publishing, try to keep that in mind and make sure you’re paying attention.

I found Rocking Book Covers and really liked the style and feel of the art so I hunted through its pages and found my cover! It’s simple and eye-catching and the artist had the work done very, very quickly.

And so … here is the official cover for Tapped


2 thoughts on “Book Cover Reveal – Tapped

  1. I haven’t read this series, but it certainly is intriguing. I may have to pick it up, but maybe I should wait until the next book comes out. LOL I am not a patient woman. 😀

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