Bring it on 2015!

I am dubbing 2014 as a success in spite of the avocado fiasco and am seriously excited to see what I can accomplish in 2015. I’ve already got a couple of things planned but today we’re filling out the writing schedule for the whole year … which I’ll admit is like my favorite part of the holiday season.

This is mostly for me but if you’re brave enough to peek into my writer’s brain then … welcome to the mayhem!

This is like my personal pep-talk and I’ll reference it throughout the year just to keep myself revved up and ready to write and … well, attack life with fervor. Because really, if we’re not deliberately living then we’re missing out.

So! Here’s what I want to do in 2015 …

1) Publish Tapped (Scheduled: January 13, 2015)

As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I’ve decided to try my hand at the self-published market. I’ve learned quite a bit from the two small presses that have published me over the last couple years and while I adore them both, the Tapped series requires just a little more freedom.

2) Edit Persona (Scheduled: January – March)

Starting January 2nd I will begin implementing edits from my editor(s) for Persona. (Thank you Michael Keenan.) This edit requires a major overhaul of the ending. As soon as it is done it will go back in to said editor so I have a hard deadline of April 1st.

3) Residual Haunting Wrap-Up (Scheduled: January – March)

Back in October I started serializing Residual Haunting at Wattpad and its own Story Blog. We’re currently on chapter 12 and there are 13 more to go. Needless to say, the serialization will continue after the New Year. I chose not to post anything over the holiday break due to people being away with their families and such.

4) Edit Usurper (Scheduled: April – June)

Trenna fans can stop hounding me. As soon as this edit is complete it will go in to the publisher (Wings ePress) who has first rights to all things Dyngannon.

5) NEW CONTENT WRITING (Scheduled: April – June)

My brain is funny sometimes. I can work on 2 projects at a time so long as one is being edited and one is being created. That’s why you see the first three months of 2015 I am editing Persona and finishing Residual Haunting. I have several novels on the back burner that are just waiting to be written so I get to pick from the following;

Dead Weight (sequel to Tapped) / Alex Huntley (Civil War) / Warpath (4th Trenna book) / Primal (Dragons)

6) Query Goals (Scheduled: August – December)

Given the professionalism of my editor I know that by July 2015 I will have Persona back in my hot little hands. I’ve carved out the months of July and August to go through those edits again. It’s a shorter time frame because there should be less work involved (meaning no major over-hauls and such) but once it’s done I will begin querying the book out.

7) NEW CONTENT WRITING (Scheduled: July – September)

Obviously whichever one I manage to do in April-June is off the list here, but the choices are the same. Dead Weight (sequel to Tapped) / Alex Huntley (Civil War) / Warpath (4th Trenna book) / Primal (Dragons)

8) Edit Residual Haunting (Scheduled: October – December)

By the time October rolls around I should be ready to pick up Residual Haunting again and start editing the crap out of it.

9) Participate in National Novel Writing Month (Scheduled: November … and probably December)

Because I just can’t seem to get enough of this program I’ll be trying my hand at this competition again. Depending on what I’ve managed to get finished earlier in the year I will likely pick from my list of 4 back-burner novels. If I’ve written Dead Weight then I know there’s a third Tapped novel (Inmate) that should be added to this list as well. And I have an Aliens vs. Vampires novel buzzing in the back of my brain too.

10) Poetry Reading and All Things Not Writing

I want to read a poem a week. I like poetry, I just really suck at writing it. So! I’ll read it instead. One a week through 2015.

Also in 2015 I want to learn at least 6 new martial art forms/kata (trust me, I have the means to do this.)

I want to read 12 new books from authors I haven’t read before. If you know a book you think I should try please let me know. This is a book a month and I know I read tons more than that so this should be easy.

I want to climb mountains with my kid and generally enjoy the adventure that is being a parent. (AKA – we’re going to go find some fun.)

And that’s it. That’s my 10(+) for the year of 2015. I can do this. I know I can do this. Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Bring it on 2015!

  1. For your books I can recommend The Transmigration Of Cora Riley – the review will be up in a couple of weeks and I highly recommend it 😀

    If you’re looking for poets I have some of those I can recommend too, Bukowski’s howl is a must of course though 🙂

    1. Awesome. That’ll be the one I do for January then. I do have several books of poetry on my shelves that I’ll go through first before I hunt down any more, but I’ll keep Bukowski in the line-up.

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