Round Robin Blog Tour – Bucket Lists

I’m still relatively young but I do have some things I’d like to do before I kick the proverbial bucket. And honestly, I’ve done a lot in my thirty-plus years that I’m really proud of.

I’ve submerged in the ocean in both Alaska and Hawaii, visited the Caribbean twice, road-marched through South Carolina with the Army, starved on Virginia Beach hunting for fifty bucks a day to pay for my hotel room, traveled across the continental U.S. in the middle of winter and gotten snowed in for three days (in Colby, Kansas), graduated with honors from the school of my choice, and become the parent of one amazing little boy.

Oh! And I saw Wicked on Broadway with a very dear friend who lives on the East Coast.

So what would I like to do now?

1) I want to go to DragonCon or some other science fiction and fantasy Convention. 

Seriously. I think WorldCon might be the one I manage to get to. I don’t know. I keep watching. My son is getting old enough that he could come with me on this little adventure and I certainly wouldn’t want to deny him that. He’s as much of a geek as I am. (He is totally playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii as I am writing this.)

2) I want to go on the Writing Excuses retreat. 

Right now they’re putting it on a cruise ship, which is really cool. If they continue to do that I might actually manage to go next year. My son can come with me, they have stuff for him to do and safe places for him to be while I’m working with some of my all-time favorite authors.

3) I want to go to a Supernatural convention. 

If there is one show that I absolutely love, it’s Supernatural. I am enough of a fan to want to support them this way.

I think that’s it. Generally speaking, I go out and find adventure on a week by week basis. I think perhaps the misadventures of my youth have spoiled me some. I mean, it’d be cool if I could visit Ireland one day, or travel through Germany, or knock on the door of my friend who lives in Britain, but I don’t consider those part of the bucket list.

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3 thoughts on “Round Robin Blog Tour – Bucket Lists

  1. I saw the original production of both Equus with Anthony Perkins and Grease with Barry Bostwick; those events are unforgettable although the details are murky. I remember the NY theater for Grease was very small and in the entry a bunch of Hell’s Angels were waiting to get in. But you’ve traveled much further than I have. You’ll love Ireland, the British Isles being the only place out of US I’ve traveled.

  2. Great goals. ComicCon was on while I was at a writing conference a year ago. It looked like a lot of fun. Everyone was wandering around the hotels and streets in the coolest costumes. Good luck getting to DragonCon.

  3. Two of my sons have been to a few ComicCons and they really enjoyed themselves. They dragged my husband with one year and he had a blast. We’re a nerd couple who raised a family of sci-fi nerds. It’s okay, we enjoy it.
    My late father was born in Glasgow, but I’ve never been able to afford to visit Scotland. If I ever do, I’m supposed to scatter some of his ashes there. But I fear the closest I’ll get is going somewhere on the east coast of the US, and tossing the ashes into the Gulf Stream, so he can “ride the waves” back to his native land.

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