Early Access: Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

I’ve never been shy about my geekdom so I’m going to go ahead and admit that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the new Star Wars game access to come out.


I have two level 60’s, one level 59 and one level 58 on various classes and characters and have been aching to know what this new story is about.

So I spent three hours or so last night letting the game patch/install, constantly checking that status bar while watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my kiddo (who was equally excited about the game, I might add) until FINALLY I could play.

Now then …

I couldn’t play for long because three hours of patching eats into the sparse evening hours but … I love it.

I have always loved the story-lines in Star Wars, that’s why it’s my game of choice, so I was wide-eyed with pleasure and wonder at the epic (and I do mean EPIC) story I’ve started into here.

Obviously I haven’t gotten too terribly far into it, but if it continues on this venue I’m going to enjoy every moment bouncing through Wild Space and fighting against (NO SPOILERS HERE.)

Also, I allowed my kid to make the new level 60 (comes with the subscription) because I’m an awesome Mom who understands that he really just wants to wave a lightsaber around and look awesome. I’m not invested in that character so he can answer all the quest questions on his own and pave a new path.

I will, of course, be responsible about my playing times and get all my writing deadlines done and whatnot, but since I did finish Persona last week and I have nothing scheduled to start until November 1st … I’m gonna be in Star Wars.

3 thoughts on “Early Access: Star Wars Knights of the Fallen Empire

  1. I also like reading stories with ghosts, and felt your sentence ‘They remind you of the fragile nature of life, add an element of insecurity to the characters on the page, and if they’re done correctly can be downright creepy’ summed up the reason very accurately.

  2. This month’s topic was such fun to be a part of. I agree that our faith kind of leads us to believe or not, but like you said, I believe in God even though I can’t see Him, same as I believe in the sun even when it’s not shining why wouldn’t there be other spirits out there either watching over us or interfering in our lives?

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