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Thanks Giving

I drove down to my mother’s house with all of five dollars to my name. A two hour journey turned into three as I was forced to drive 50MPH on icy roads and low visibility, but my son and I made it whole and healthy – even though the car seemed a little grouchy. It has sprung a leak somewhere and I’m not sure what it is.

Still, it seems minor so I’m confident I’ll make it home tomorrow.

For the last few days I’ve been surrounded by some of my favorite people and I am grateful for that. It’s why my Thanks Giving list is late this year … because I was spending time with people I enjoy.

Still, I cannot let the month of November pass without giving my list so here it is, my Thanksgiving list of 2015::

  1. My son. He is a source of joy, conflict, stress, laughter, and enlightenment that continues to surprise me.
  2. My family. I may live two hours away from my mother but I hope to fix that soon. We’re quirky, we don’t always agree, but I know they’ve always got my back.
  3. My writing. Because I wouldn’t understand myself, my son, or my extended family without it.
  4. Hotels with indoor pools. My son has enjoyed the pool here every day since we arrived and he has been sooo happy.
  5. My cat … who is probably quite lonely right now so it’ll be nice getting home to him tomorrow.


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