Tapped Giveaway!

Hurray! My birthday is this week!

And in celebration of being alive and stuff my novel Tapped is FREE for Kindle devices and apps through tomorrow, the 26th of April.

Tapped is my “underground railroad in space” novel. The outline I’ve been working on is for its sequel, which I hope to have out for sale sometime next year. I absolutely love the Barlow family and their quirky, sometimes strenuous relationships.

Jorry and Seach Barlow have become my favorite couple to write about because of their awkward history and the very real self-doubts that keep cropping up between them. And really, I’ve just decided that I’m a hopeless romantic so love stories are just going to happen when I write. (But … you know … not an actual romance novel. Because I can’t seem to write those without turning seventy shades of red.)

Anyway! The Kindle giveaway ends on Wednesday. If you’d like a free science fiction novel about refugees in space, deserters from a tyrannical government, and a close-knit family unit just trying to survive, then snag a copy while you can.

Also … Happy birthday to everyone who was born in April! It’s an awesome month of the year.


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