Ready, Set … NaNoWriMo!

Coffee … Check.

Paper … Check.

Pens (assortment) … Check.

Outline … CHECK.

General food plan for 30 days of craziness … Check.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something in there, but for the most part I think I’m ready!

For those who do not know what NaNoWriMo is, I would encourage you to check out their page. I’ve inserted the link for you but the gist of the game is that you try to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

It’s as easy (and as hard) as that.

I’ve been participating in one fashion or another for several years now and I really think I’m going to win this year.

Dead Weight, the sequel to Tapped, is being set aside until March. It isn’t quite finished but it’s close enough that I can take the next few months and let it simmer in the back of my mind. I’ve found that going through and doing an edit of what I have helps me in the long run.

It allows me to really see where the characters have been so that I can tie everything up in the last few chapters.

Which brings me to Ashwood, also known as “That Ghost Story I Want To Tell” or “The NaNo Project” or … any number of names I’ve given it over the last several weeks.

I have the outline already up and on my corkboard AND in detailed form on paper that I carry around with me every day and make notes on. (No, this isn’t cheating. I haven’t written a word of the manuscript yet, just the outline.)

And I am SUPREMELY excited to start it. I had help making the outline of this novel – Thank you, Brendon! – and while it is loosely a romance novel, it is heavily a supernatural/ghost story dealing with an Institute …

Because all the really scary stuff comes from Institutes.

Seriously. Have you looked into what was done to some of these poor people? Just knowing what happened there is creepy.

In any case, to help me remain on task and to give myself something to look forward to every week, I will be posting snippets of the work in progress here with updated word counts and whatnot.

Because … why not?

This is supposed to be fun, after all.


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