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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and, as per usual, I will be busy with family through the weekend. SO! I need to do my Thankful Post now. Normally I narrow things down to my top five, but this year I’ve decided to do things a little differently.

In light of the recent election and the vitriol that continues to be plaguing every social media outlet I can find, it seems more important than ever to highlight the positive instead of spewing out negative.

So I’m aiming for ten this year. I’m sure I could do more, but who honestly wants to read about all the things one other person is grateful for in their life? I’d rather just inspire you, dear reader, to start listing off your “Thankfuls” instead.

  1. Always and forever … My son. For eight years now he has taught me what it really means to be human. Fallible and fragile. Ambitious and triumphant. Adventurous and perhaps a little reckless at times.
  2. A new development this year … Brendon. Which I’m sure he will grin at when he reads this post, since he reads everything I write. For the last five months he has proven to be amazing and I have no doubts that he will continue in that vein.
  3. My family … Be they ever crazy and consistently voting opposite of me every election year, I know they have my back if life ever gets a little too crazy.
  4. My cats … Plural this year. Pest – aka the Old Grumpy kitty is still not thrilled about the new addition. Nuisance – aka the New Addition still thinks that the toilet paper roll is Cthulhu and his sworn enemy. I’ve taken to hiding the roll in the cupboard above the toilet now. It’s just the only way.
  5. My writing … Because I still find this writing thing to be satisfying and fulfilling. It forces me to learn about things that I otherwise would never have looked at before, and it takes me on adventures every single day.
  6. My car … Because it’s new and shiny and pretty. Seriously, it’s so pretty. I’ve never owned a car this nice before.
  7. My day job … Because it’s paying for the shiny and pretty car. And because it’s been a steady source of income for over ten years now.
  8. My city … It is beautiful. I enjoy the mountains close by and the parks that are within walking distance of my house. Some of the nearby college students can get a little crazy during game days, but I’ve come to view them as material for future writing endeavors.
  9. My state … It gets terribly cold in the winter and searingly hot in the summer, but for the most part people seem to treat each other decently here. There are some exceptions, of course, but on a whole we seem to lean toward the good.
  10. My country … For better or worse, I live in a country that still protects the freedoms I enjoy. Freedom of speech is one of them, which I am seeing a lot of people exercising of late. Though … I would like to remind everyone that this freedom blankets even the opinions you disagree with. And with that in mind … please be kind to one another.

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