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Weather and World Building

So much snow.

It seems that Mother Nature has decided to kick off 2017 with a laugh. My son has not been back to school since leaving for Christmas break and we’re both getting a trifle antsy about that.

I got stuck in the snow twice already and we just got even more, which is just … glorious.

But as with everything, this brings to mind writing problems and techniques. Specifically weather patterns.

Weather has an impact on characters and setting and even plot in a novel so it’s important to pay attention. Currently I’m world building for a novel tentatively titled Swans, which is a High Epic Fantasy … if you want to get technical.

As I was world building I came to a mountain range and at first I envisioned tons and tons of snow because … I’m currently surrounded by the stuff. But then I remembered that scene from Lord of the Rings where they’re climbing the mountain through the snow and Legolas is leaping lightly on his elegant elf feet and snow is matting in Gandalf’s manly beard and …

Nuisance looking quite unsure about the snow


I think just about every fantasy novel takes a walk through waist deep snow on a summit somewhere.

Well, not every one. But certainly a lot of them. And while it might be a beloved cliche, it’s also something I want to try to avoid. I don’t want readers thinking; Same old, same old. Girl hasn’t got an original thought in her head.


I changed some of the weather patterns for the novel. Not tons, but enough to make it different (I hope).

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