I am on the final chapter for Usurper. There’s an epilogue I’ll write next week (whilst on a plane headed East) but this is the … oomph! chapter. It’s been a long, hard ride for Usurper, but I finally feel confident with what I’ve done.

Several weeks from now I’ll hate it, that’s just the way my writer-brain works, but for now I’m confident.

Endings are … difficult.

I always knew where this book ended, I had a clear picture of that in my mind, but getting there and pulling out the details and digging deep into each character to present how they changed and whatnot …

Yeah, that’s hard.

Usurper is the third installment of my Sedition series. Trenna fans have been waiting a super long time for this one so it was important to me that I get it right. Without giving any spoilers, I can say that there is at least one more book – tentatively titled Warpath – and that there may even be another.

I’ll know more once I do the outline for Warpath.

For now, however, I will have Usurper completed by March 31st and will move into the edits for Dead Weight – the second installment of the Tapped series.

Why yes, I’ll be using Camp NaNoWriMo to really push my batoosh into gear when it comes to these edits. With any luck, I’ll have a completed 2nd draft of Dead Weight by June and then a 3rd revision completed in July and then … Polishing/Galley proofs done in August and then …

I hope to release Dead Weight the first Tuesday of September.

This is me throwing confetti for goals and deadlines. Now excuse me because … that’s a lot of work and I should get to it.

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