The Work In Progress – July 2019 Round Robin

Anyone who knows me will tell you not to ask about my writing work. The moment you open that can of worms you’re in for at least twenty-minutes of me talking. I try to limit myself to twenty-minutes anyway, it’s more likely you’ll be stuck listening for longer.

But I think I’m in good company. Many authors love to discuss what they’re working on because it helps us to work through plot issues that we otherwise wouldn’t see.

Which is why I’m tickled that this month’s Round Robin is about what our current works in progress are and if we have any additional novels planned.

So! What am I working on?

Well, I was supposed to be using July’s Camp NaNo for my romance novel following Nora Grayson, martial counselor to the supernatural in Boston. BUT… my Muse woke up and told me that I absolutely must finish the dragons vs. vampires novel already started.

I started the revision of The Melody of Bones back in January and, surprise surprise, kept hitting a wall. This wall happens at the end of every book for me. Something derails the outline and I have to crawl through about 600 words a day.

It’s not awesome, but apparently that’s how my brain works. So instead of Nora’s lighthearted romantic comedy dodging werewolves in rural New York, I’m neck deep in battle with a dragon named Prudence as she tries to save the world.

It is, as you might have guessed, an urban fantasy. Which isn’t a genre I’ve tried before, but I’m giving it a go. So far it has been great fun choosing everyday settings that might be fronts for supernatural creatures, and building a world that exists next to our own.

And yes, I believe there is at least one sequel to this novel.

As for Nora’s novel, it is a fun romp through urban fantasy as well, with a tad more focus on romance. I imagine there can be several novels in her line, given that much of it is mystery with a splash of the supernatural for flavor. The stakes are simpler, instead of epic end-of-the-world stuff, so I can shift focus easier and keep the novels fresh.

Later this year I’ll be working on the third book in my science fiction series, assuming I can finish Melody of Bones anytime soon. And then I have several more novel ideas simmering in the back of my head that need to make their way onto the page.

Take a look at what my fellow authors are working on right now in this month’s Round Robin!

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Fiona McGier
Rhobin L Courtright

9 thoughts on “The Work In Progress – July 2019 Round Robin

  1. Have you ever imagined all our stories come from parallel universes where what we write is actuality and our brains just have a link to these universes? Working on multiple stories seems to be a way writers in this group operate! Yours all sound intriguing.

  2. I like your ideas. Prudence is a good dragon name. And I’ve always thought they were more heroic, like in the Pern series, than fire-breathing bad-guys. I’m intrigued by your urban fantasy. Sounds like a lot of fun to immerse yourself in that world for hours on end, while the characters “speak” through your fingers. Is this like steam punk? Or is it contemporary, but with fantasy elements co-existing with “normal life?” Way cool.

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