Oddly Terrifying – November 2019 Round Robin

Faxon Mylonas showed up in my debut novel Sedition smelling of pipe-weed and lurking in the shadows around Kiavana Fortress. He was, on first blush, an assassin and a mercenary, and I only grazed his character in that novel.

That in itself might not qualify him for the strangest character I have ever written, but when I started Usurper – the third book in the series – I was suddenly thrust into his point of view and learned something very quickly; he is a little crazy.

Or a lot crazy.

It depends on what mood you catch him in, I suppose.

Which I admit made for some fun scenes. Here, let me show you…

He could throw his stiletto at her, the one located just under his right sleeve. It was the same weapon he’d used to pin Troy down, so it hadn’t been properly reattached yet.

Was his name Troy? Faxon hadn’t been paying close enough attention to their names to know for sure but he was mostly certain he had it right. It started with a “T”, that much he could remember because he’d immediately associated the boy with Trenna out of sheer laziness.

Troy and Trenna, he thought. Double Ts.

Troy and Trenna tried traipsing through town with a trembling, troublesome troupe. Terrified travelers trumpeting their… Gods, he needed to stop.

Like I said, fun. His boredom led to several observations that any other point of view character wouldn’t have seen, and while I’m worried what it means that I have such a criminally-minded and brutal character sprouting from my subconscious, the novel is richer for his insights.

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5 thoughts on “Oddly Terrifying – November 2019 Round Robin

  1. We writers do have a different kind of mind. We ask the strangest “what if” questions while plotting and I’m sure a trip through our browsing history might get all of us out into jackets with very long sleeves with buckles on the ends.

  2. You have to have bad guys and it helps if they’re a little crazy. Imagination is a far-reaching and sometimes strange thing. Using so much alliteration might drive any character crazy, but it was interesting reading. 🙂

  3. Good fun. Villains are people too, and deserve their place on the stage.
    And what is a villain, anyway?
    Here in Australia, it was on the morning news. A 27 year old mother locked her two daughters, aged 2 and 1, into a car out under the sun with (outside) temps at 35 Celsius (95 F). Both kids died.
    She has been charged with murder.
    That’s the surface. People can be all condemning, and unless she kills herself also, she will spend maybe 20 years in jail. But my immediate question is, how did it happen? Why? I can immediately think of a dozen scenarios in which she is not a murderer.
    Nothing can excuse negligence. She is responsible. But surely what she needs is help, not punishment?

  4. He could throw his stiletto at her, the one located just under his right sleeve. It was the same weapon he’d used to pin Troy down, so it hadn’t been properly reattached yet. Yes, that is one odd dude!

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