Kicking of NaNo 2020

I ended the first day of Nano 2020 at 3244 words. Which is excellent. I do admit that I am not doing a straight-laced Nano this year. Instead of starting from scratch on a brand new manuscript, I have unearthed the thing I started earlier this year that COVID derailed.

Remember when I was doing that whole serial novel of Castle of Three Kings?

You know, the one where I had to just kind of stop because suddenly I was a teacher, a parent, an employee, and all my writing time was sucked dry?

Yeah, that thing!

I am going to finish it. That’s my Nano Goal.

But I am also going through it and updating it with the things I have been learning in the Apex Writers classes. Because writing is a craft that constantly grows as we improve. (Brief shout out to David Farland for his excellent classes. He’s an amazing author as well, so if you haven’t read his work, I have to highly suggest Rune Lords.)


For those of you who were following along and became disgruntled when I had to duck out of updating, guess what? I’ll be shoving them back up chapter by chapter until I’m all caught up and the whole thing is available. I will mention that this will be for a limited time only, so the novel will only be available for FREE at Wattpad (because I like Wattpad better than the other formats out there) through the end of the year as I complete this draft.

Here’s the link, if you’re interested.

Now excuse me, I have more work to do. Happy Writing, everyone!

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