Looking Back

Looking back at the works I’ve written, I see stories that missed the mark because I did not have a handle on my craft. I see characters who were not fleshed out well enough, and scenes that never grounded the reader inside them, allowing them to experience it. I see fragments that make more sense to me because I have all the backstory whereas readers do not.

I see a lot of embarrassing things.

And while I may cringe at these, there is a part of me that rejoices in the fact that I do see them now. Seeing the mistakes for what they are means that I have grown in my craft.

In ten years, when I look back on works I am writing now, I hope I see new mistakes instead of old ones. I hope that I am writing better then than I am now. And I truly hope that is always the case.

To my fellow authors out there, I hope that is always the case for you too.

To the dear readers out there who don’t see what I mean, bless you. May you only be delighted over and over by the tales brought to you.

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