Camp Nano 2021

Entering the world of Bright, where supernatural creatures live amongst us and steam engines rule! I hit my daily word goal before lunchtime, so I am feeling great. Though I do admit that whenever I do a National Novel Writing Month, the first week or so is always awesome.

Midway through the second week, my energy flags and I struggle to reach that last word for the day and I have come to understand that this is a problem of focus.

If I keep my focus on the word count, it crawls along.

Also, my writing sucks.

I mean, just plain sucks.

I’m not the greatest writer to have ever lived, mind you, but I’m decent enough to know when it’s terrible.

So, this year, when I hit that inevitable slog-fest, I’m giving myself Pinterest time. Or music/reading/anything else time. I’ll still put words to the page, but I will not count them. I won’t even try to look. Hopefully this will flick my brain back into motion and I’ll find that energy again.

We’ll see.

Think of it like an experiment. And one you’re welcome to conduct with me if you’re participating in Camp Nano for July.

For now, however, I’ll leave you with my favorite snippet of this morning’s writing, because I should probably get back to work.

“He’s quite enamored with you,” Lord Malcolm said.

I flushed and was glad of the dark. “I wouldn’t say enamored was the right word.”

“What word would you use, then?”

Indebted, I thought, but I could see how Malcolm might use that against Derrick somehow. I certainly wasn’t willing to arm the man with any more jibes and insults he might throw Derrick’s way.

“Lord Malcolm, I am sure there are any number of your acquaintances here that would enjoy your company. I should hate to be the one depriving them of it.”

He chuckled, and the sound held no small amount of menace. “I think I’ve made it quite clear which acquaintance I have the most interest in, my dear. But I applaud your efforts.”

Alright, if courtesy was to be ignored, I decided to try being blunt. “If Derrick wishes to speak to you, I am quite certain he knows where to find you.”

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