Week 2 – Camp Nano 2021

Well, I did say I normally hit a slump right around week two and I wasn’t wrong. However, my Pinterest/Reading/Netflix plan did work! I took several hours off yesterday doing other things and in the evening I was able to get words on the page.

This isn’t to say that this process will work for everyone, but it certainly did the trick for me. So if you’re in a slump, don’t beat yourself up!

Instead, step back, breathe in someone else’s creativity for a little while, and then sit back down to work.

And because I still want to win Camp Nano this year, I’ll end the post with a super rough snippet of the current work so that I can get back to writing.

Seizing me by the shoulders, Cade gave a little shake, his mouth grim as he bit out the words; “Think, Nora! You’re one of two outsiders here! Who are they going to blame?”

Alright, so maybe my senses weren’t totally back in working order yet, but they were making the attempt. Meredith’s voice continued to cry murder, and there was a commotion coming from the direction of the manor. No doubt every wolf on the property would be hunting in seconds, and they weren’t likely to ask many questions when riled.

Cade took my hand, gentler this time. Glancing around the forest, he listened intently for the space of two heartbeats before launching us down a different direction. I struggled to keep up, my little boots barely protecting me from spraining an ankle on many gnarled roots and rocks scattered across the forest floor. My lungs strained and my already shaky legs began to flag, but Cade wasn’t stopping.

Howls pierced the night, so close I could swear they were on our heels.

They probably were.

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