Week 4 – Camp Nano 2021

I shall open with a small confession.

I have an amazing husband. He not only works full time, but he enjoys spoiling me with expenditures that I would normally not afford myself. For instance, a year’s worth of Master Class where I can listen to Neil Gaiman chat about storytelling is not something I would permit myself to buy unless it was for my birthday or a holiday.

Granted, I have many other options for authors and creators to learn from with this year’s long subscription that I fully intend to take advantage of but I would be lying if I didn’t mention it was Neil Gaiman’s name that prompted me to ask for it.

What does this have to do with my Camp Nano progress?

Everything! And… nothing.

During my lunch breaks, I have been listening to one lesson at a time and while I do lean heavily on the idea that there is no better teacher than experience (aka – you learn to write by writing and reading) there is something to be said for listening to the experience of others. And what I have been gleaning from Mr. Gaiman’s class has mostly been permission to explore, to trust your instincts and write that first draft because it doesn’t need to see the light of day until I’m ready.

Basically, permission to fail. In the failing, I can stand back up, dust the prose off, and find those parts of my characters that are truly interesting.

We authors tend to be terribly critical of ourselves, and it is so difficult to ignore that sniping little (or loud) voice as we’re working on the first draft of a tale. Mr. Gaiman’s class has been a comfort during my lunches to the point that my Nano board shows I get more words on the page in the afternoon than I do in the morning. It has been a pleasure and I highly recommend it and his books.

Certainly his books. Stardust being my favorite, with Sandman a close second and the Norse Mythology vying for a place as well. If you do the Norse Mythology, go to audible. Let him tell you the tale himself. It’s amazing.

WIP Word Count:: 51265 (In case anyone really wanted to know. Technically I’ve won, but the novel isn’t finished yet so I refuse to count it.)

To my author friends out there, go forth and write! Enjoy the writing! Fail and look for the interesting bits!

To my fellow Nano’ers, we’ve got this!

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